Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilt Show Bed Turning

We did a bed turning during the Quilt Show on Sunday. We wanted a special way to showcase the older quilts, as well as show quilting from then to now. So we had antique quilts as well as a few more modern ones. You can see the tables that we used for the turning behind the quilt as well as here. It took six people to keep it going: two to pick up the quilt and hand to the ladies on the ladder. They then waited for them to be show it, then they took it and folded it. Then another set of two pick up the next quilt and hand it to the ladder ladies.  They then waited for their quilt. So the four ladies kept the quilts moving through the bed turning so there was really no down time. The ladder ladies held up the quilts, and in some cases talked about the quilts as well. The head of the committee and I read what people had written about their quilts. 
 The audience loved this part of the show, as there were some very interesting stories to go with some of the quilts.

 One of the committee members had a wall hanging she had made using 1930s reproduction fabrics. One of these fabrics was in the antique quilt being held up now. I am pointing to the green matching fabric in the photo below, though not sure how well it shows up.

 This ladder lady made this quilt out of older fabric that a family member had in a box.
 Crazy quilt.
 Lemoyne Star quilt made out of curtains.
 Last but not least, yummy treats that were provided after the show.
Off to finish packing for a family camping trip this weekend. We got a nice rain last night, and it is still cloudy this morning, so I hope it isn't going to rain all weekend. It will be fun no matter what...we have campers and cabins, so don't have to worry about sleeping on the ground!

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Barb said...

Fabulous quilts and treats...thanks!