Friday, July 27, 2012

Another quilting to have a binding day!

I quilted the Peas in a Pod quilt yesterday. I designed and made this a couple of years ago, but was too busy at the time to quilt it, so it's been waiting patiently. I had already sewed the back together and made a scrappy binding for it, so I will probably bind it on Tuesday when I sew with the ladies.
I like to take a picture of the back of the quilt as well, since many times you can see the quilting pattern better on the back. 

 I love this kitty fabric! I didn't use it on the front, just the back.

 Here is the actual panto. It's Leafage, by Keryn Emerson. I have done several quilts in a row with this panto, so I am very comfortable with it. I got a new plastic panto cover for my table and it looks so tears fixed with residual masking tape marks. Love it! The old one was getting hard and cracked easily. It came with the used machine and table, so who knows how old it is. 

I want to get the Hollow Cubes, Too quilt loaded on the machine this morning. Not sure how much I will get quilted as I have some class paperwork to do and need to run up there for a bit later too. I'm feeling pretty tired and lazy this morning, so let's hope I wake up soon! 


JustCindy said...

OH I really like that quilt also. Love that quilting pattern. The backing is so cute.

Barb said...

OH...another lovely quilt!

Julianne said...

Another lovely quilt.

What did you sue for your table cover ( panto cover) I hate mine. I am looking for something with out so much glare...

Quilter Kathy said...

Another gorgeous the colours and the design!