Thursday, July 26, 2012

Funky Rock Stars quilted

 Here is the  Funky Rock Stars  quilt fresh off the quilting machine! The lighting in there isn't the greatest, so I will get a better pic when I get it bound. I just like to take a picture when I take it off so I don't forget.
 I used the same panto that I used on the Potato Chip quilt. I like this one because it quilts a nice. allover design with no empty spaces.
I love this back fabric. It is actually a sportswear cotton, so a little heavier than normal, but it quilted up just fine. I had purchased it because I loved the owls and the colors...thought I might make pillows out of it, but it fit this quilt just perfectly. It's 60" wide, so I didn't have to piece it either. I used a sportswear cotton on the Jigsaw Puzzle quilt last year because I loved the circular pattern for that quilt, so I knew it would quilt up just fine. It makes the quilt a little heavier, but should wash up just fine. 

I am heading up to load another one soon. My stitching group meets tonight, we are all bringing our Round Robin quilts...can't wait to see what everyone did to finish them up. I will take pictures!


Susan said...

Beautiful! Love the backing fabric too!

JustCindy said...

The quilt is beautiful! Love the backing also.

Quilter Kathy said...

Another lovely finish! Have fun at the robin reveal!

Julianne said...

Love the quilt. That quilting pattern is wonderful to.