Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching up

 I have been busy catching up..getting stuff loaded back on my computer, working on paperwork and quilts for my classes. Sometimes I feel like I will never get caught up. Since I put a border on the Jigsaw Puzzle quilt that wasn't on the pattern, I felt like I needed to write a pattern for the border and how to fit the missing puzzle pieces into it. So that 's what I did tonight. So I can cross that off my list!

The picture above is the back of the puzzle quilt...it is a little heavier than normal, like a sportswear fabric, but I love how it looks and I didn't have any trouble quilting it. Next on the quilting machine is the Spinning Hexagons that I made while on retreat with friends. I am anxious to get it finished too. It won't take long as it is table topper size.


Vivian said...

The B/W backing is interesting. I would never have guessed that it's a heavier weight.
WOW on the spinning hexagons! It's stunning!

Melinda said...

I love spinning hexagons. Do you know where I can a pattern? I would love to make this.

Julie said...

Wow! I love that spinning hexagon, never heard of one before. The backing on the other quilt is lovely.

Diana Symanowicz said...

Jean - the back looks fabulous! Now I need a picture of the front. Post one with the border - would you!!??

The spinning hexagon looks so good. Just to think I was there in it's production phase.....I am funny.

Have a great night.

Angie Kritenbrink said...


Chris H said...

Good grief that spinning hexagon thingee looks complicated! Well done on doing it.