Friday, August 3, 2012

More quilting, wouldn't you think I'd get caught up?

 I spent some time quilting the Twister quilt on Wednesday. I decided to change the panto to Feather Me, another of my favorites. I thought the big loopy feathers would compliment the angles of the twister pinwheels.
 I have to be really careful with this panto, because sometimes you can sort of start to zone out and forget which way around the circle in the center you are going. oops! That would never happen to me, right?
 The back of this quilt isn't as colorful as the front, but I am using a variegated bright thread, so some of that will show. You can see the back rolling over the bar that I have already quilted. I have a gold-ish with green flecks batik that looks really nice with it and the front to use for the binding.

 Smokey likes to hang out with me while I quilt. She is sitting under the table...she sleeps through the noise of the machine. Not sure how. I can't let Conrad in while I quilt, he doesn't realize it's not safe to prance around on the table while I am using the machine.


Julianne said...


Cookie said...

the quilt looks great. I love the panto you are using.
one of these day I will get my self a frame to do that kind of quilting. until then I just drool looking at your quilting.

Vivian said...

Love this panto. I agree that it's a great contrast to the shape of the twister blocks.
The backing is a lovely complementary choice to go with the front.

Chris H said...

Gorgeous quilting pattern... and that is a cute cat!
She is probably so used to the machine noise it doesn't bother her at all!