Monday, November 5, 2012

A finish and a new hexie project....

You might remember seeing bits and pieces of this quilt about a month ago when I taught the Circle and Spin class at Cut Up and Quilt. Imagine my surprise when Rita walked in Saturday with her finished quilt! Not only was it finished, but she had put a beautiful scallop on the edge of the quilt with the binding as well. 
 You can really see it on the picture very well, but she has bits of batting in each one and has quilted them too. Amazing! I taught the Peas in a Pod Class at Cut Up and Quilt on Saturday, more on that tomorrow.
 I found a new ruler while I was out there, the Hex N More by Jaybird Quilts. So I had to bring it home with me and play with it a bit on Sunday. (if you are snickering about the fact that I haven't finished my one and only other hexie project, well, it's still aging, ok?) I have been in a bit of a funk the past week or so, which happens sometimes when I am switching gears from working like crazy to get a project finished to starting/designing something new. So trying out something new was just the thing to get me started cutting.
 It's a pretty amazing way to cut the hexies and the triangle pieces that go in between them. I originally just cut 3 fabrics, but decided that was too boring.
 I kept moving them around to see if I could find a good arrangement, but there just wasn't one I was happy with.
So I cut some more hexies. I like this much better. This is the Candy Dish pattern from the same company.
That's as far as I got because I went to the movie Hope Springs with my daughter and then got a much needed haircut. It was a great, relaxing Sunday!


Susan said...

Rita's quilt is amazing! I would love to know how she did that scalloped border!

Love your hexi project too...that is a size that I could probably manage! Seems like everyone around here is working on itty-bitty hexies!

JustCindy said...

I love Rita's quilt! All those beautiful colors. How fun the new hexie project looks.

Julianne said...

That is a beautiful quilt.

Are you using a template to cut the hexies with? Can we see it on line some place?

Karen said...

I love the way the way you used the colors, the star that it created is really cool.