Monday, October 8, 2012

Circle and Spin class

I spent a great day teaching  my Circle and Spin pattern Saturday. You can see the beginnings of some gorgeous quilts.

I taught this class at Cut Up and Quilt, the new quilt store here in town. Love the gray design walls, though we started to run out of space with all the work being done!
As they worked through the issues of sewing with curves, they became more confident and started to really enjoy it.
It was fun to see the different fabrics the ladies had chosen as well.
The all purple quilt was being made with fabrics Cathy's daughter had picked out over the last few years. Lots and lots of purple!
It was interesting just to watch the blocks multiply.
Some of them could've done some swapping!
Two different quilters' blocks, but they could go together nicely!

Southwestern flair is very evident in this group.
I got the quilting finished on the quilt yesterday, plus the patterns written and printed that were next up. It is a good feeling to get some of these things finished! Tonight we start the Laurentia Star Sampler's a great group of ladies so it will be an enjoyable night!

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JustCindy said...

Great blocks! The fabrics are fantastic.