Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and a Lotus finish

 I finished the Lotus quilting yesterday, and sewed the binding on, so I guess it is my last finish of 2012. I don't really keep track of all the quilts I make or finish throughout the year. Maybe I should, but I don't think like that. I don't make resolutions either, but I do know what I want to accomplish and just aim for that. I don't always have time to quilt and bind quilts before teaching the classes because of my day job, so I finish what I can, and try to catch up on some of the others when I have time.
I wanted to quilt this one before hanging as a class model because the pieces are cut on the bias somewhat, so I was afraid it would get wonky if I didn't. I basted the raw edges since it doesn't have a border.  I had a hard time choosing the quilting pattern as the quilt is so geometric and I wanted something to soften and curve, but didn't want to do flowers. So I used Oriental Illusions, which wiggles around and looks like crab legs to me.
 I used a black batik with a circular pattern for the back and gold variegated thread. I like the quilting to enhance but not take over, so this thread blended well with the fabrics.
 I am going to my hometown today. My sister, Nancy,  always brings halibut from Canada with her (bought fresh, then flash frozen) and treats us all to a delicious New Years Day dinner. She will be here for another 10 days before she heads home. I am also going to check and see if she had a chance to work on her quilt anymore since Sunday. I know Sharon did, so I hope she brings it with her today so I can take more pictures! Happy New Year!


Karen said...

Very nice choice on your quilting design. You do so much, I can see why you don't need to make resolutions. You must good at keeping that information in your head.

Vivian said...

These lotus quilt blocks are intriguing. I had to go back through your posts, looking at how they're constructed. The finished quilt has a wonderful modern look with of all those blocks together. Well done! and Happy New Year, Jean.