Monday, January 28, 2013

Lotus flowers & leftovers

 I spent Sunday working on sewing the blocks together for the Lotus Flower quilt. You always have these edges when you do this type of quilt. I guess you could leave the zigzags, but I'm not that fond of them, so I straightened the sides.

 I them stay-stitched all around the edge as these edges are stretchy because of the way the blocks are cut. I am considering a border, though I don't think it needs it. What do you think?

After I was finished with that, I got out the rectangle that was made out of the leftovers from trimming the black, red, gray Lotus. I decided to make a pillow, so added a border to the long sides of it, so that it would be 18 1/2".

Then I folded it so that it was 18 1/2" on the front, added some extra to the ends to make an envelope back. 
I think it's nice to have some pillows that match the quilt. I haven't done anymore with the triangles I've been sewing together, but they will probably be a pillow eventually too. What do you do with your leftover blocks or "pieces"?

Karen finished her teal Modern Cathedral Windows pillow top yesterday, too! Read about it and see it on her blog.


Julianne said...

I like these. I think they are fine with out a border but If you wanted one I think I would use the same fabric that is around the blocks.

Heather said...

Just beautiful! I absolutely love the colors in your lotus quilt. :o)