Thursday, June 13, 2013

More stringpiecing and quilting

 In preparation for my demo on string piecing at the Bluffs Quiltfest on Saturday, I quilted another string pieced design this week. I used the same panto as I used on the Corner the Stringpiecing Market quilt.
 This backing fabric is a little heavier than most, but it fit this quilt so I used it. The panto is Ebb and Flow by Lorien Quilting. I turned the quilt so that the pattern would flow down the length of the blocks. It almost looks like flames.

 I colorized the strings for this one just for fun. It's interesting what many different tones and shades of a color look like when put together. Even some that don't seem to match blend in well.

 Ready to bind. I used some leftover fabric from another project several years ago for the binding, to keep with the "use them up" feel of these quilts.
 I now have four models to take to show different types of stringpiecing, plus some demo blocks, so that should make a good presentation.
 I am teaching the Which Way is Up? class today, and the last session of the Modern Cathedral Windows class tonight, so it will be a very quilty day. Have you done any string piecing?


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Very cool quilt and quilting! I love string blocks. :-)

Karen said...

I love how your blocks came out. What a great quilt!