Monday, June 3, 2013

Quilting finished...

 I spent a good part of yesterday finishing the quilting on this sampler.  I would like to bind it with the dark purple polka dot fabric, but I don't have enough and they are out of it at the store. So I will have to figure out something else, I guess. The background on this quilt is white, but you'd never know it looking at these pictures. I will have to get some better ones after I get the binding on. Not enough good natural light in the quilting room.
 I used a multi-colored thread on this quilt...I was torn because I didn't want the quilting thread to show up too much in the white background, but I didn't want to use white thread. This thread isn't bright, so I think it will be ok. I can't really tell until I get it in good light and step back from it. Does everyone worry about these details?

I used a bright green blender with dots for the back and I love it. I've thought about using it to bind, as it would bring the green in the border out. Decisions, decisions....
 Saturday's Snake Dance Mystery finale class went very well. They loved the quilt and they all got a start on putting it together. The second group meets for the final time on Wednesday night, so I will be able to post some pictures after that!
 I spent some time shopping with my daughter Sunday after I finished the quilting. We had a good time and I found a few things I really needed! I asked her when she was going to bring her Jelly Roll Racer over to finish...we might meet one of the next few nights.

 This green looks pretty true, colorwise. I really like it and am tempted to get some more just to have on hand. You can always use a good green.
 I have been working in the garden getting it ready to plant a few veggies. There were a lot of weeds springing up with all of this rain, not to mention that it was really wet out there. I put down some mulch, and need some grass clippings to top it off. I think it dried up enough the past couple days so I am heading out there in a few minutes to finish planting. It looks to be a gorgeous day!


Karen said...

Love the quilting and the backing! I feel everytime I quilt something, it's decisions, decisions, decisions. But it always comes out nice. Good luck with keeping up on the weeds, they're terrible this year.

shayaankhan said...
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