Monday, July 29, 2013

It's all in a name..

 I spent a good part of yesterday painting the front porch. After hanging like a monkey to reach some of it, I was ready for a letter break. I had made the letters last week and had sewed several different strip sets together to see how they would look with it. First I needed to surround it with background fabric.
 I had thought I would use the blue and grey uneven check below the name and the colorful checks above, but that didn't look right. (I forgot to take a picture)
 So I tried the colorful checks all around, and that looked great! Then I tried a couple of different versions of the blue/grey checks.....
 It just didn't do what I had hoped it would. So I ended up with a blue border surrounding it all. I like that the best so far. It isn't sewn together yet, I am still eyeing it as I go by.
It's sprinkling this morning, so I won't be painting for a little while. I want to give the porch a second coat of primer, so unless it rains a lot, I will probably be able to do it later.

I tried to replace my tension spring on my quilting machine yesterday but I couldn't get the tension unit out of the machine. They told me what to unscrew, but I must've forgotten something. I am going to call them later and see if they can walk me through it again. They sent me directions on putting the spring in the unit, but because my machine is an old model they didn't have pictures showing how to take the unit out of the machine. They are very helpful, so hopefully I can get it figured out. 


Patty said...

Wish I was around to see you swinging around the porch! Do you have patterns for your letters or do you do it all by trial and error?

Julianne said...

A banner just for Conrad... perfect. I bet he thinks so to.