Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Runway, here we come!

 They might not be ready for Project Runway yet, but these girls got a good start on their sewing adventures yesterday.
 Lots of cute fabrics and happy smiles!
 It was her birthday, so she brought cupcakes to share for lunch.
Sometimes adults take the kids camps as well....Whitney has taken a pillow class before.
 You might remember Mia from the pillow class last week. This is her fourth class with me over the past year or so. She really loves sewing.

We took our normal "runway" walk through the store to show off our pants...the clerks love to see the kids and their projects.
Kids Camp 2013 is officially over. It's been great on to something new!


Karen said...

Love the smiles. What a great gift you are giving them!

Kerstin said...

lots of fun you all had.
great pj pants.