Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing, planning, fun!

 Three years ago, some of us were talking about quilting retreats and how much fun it would be to go on one. Eventually, we decided to plan our own, so we started looking for places to go. We wanted to work on our own projects, so didn't want a class type setup. We ended up going to a retreat place in someone's home the first time. It was fun and we loved sewing together, so we started planning retreat #2. It was winter, so we didn't want to go as far, so we found a bed and breakfast place about an hour away. We could rent the whole house, make our own meals and sew all night long if we wanted.
 We are now planning retreat #7 in Aug. We made plans to get together to meet and plan our meals last Saturday. Eventually, we decided to spend the day sewing and planning. It was great fun. I worked on putting binding on two quilts, the Twister and the new sampler,  then worked on another small project that I forgot to photograph.
 Dianne worked on another Modern Cathedral Window pillow, she is hooked on these!
 Cindy and Rose worked on their Sampler quilts so that they will be ready for a new one! Pat left before I  took the pix, but she worked on the borders on a new quilt. We got our meals planned and some sewing done too! It was a great day!
I spent some time working on a new string piecing project on Friday. I guess I am a really good sewist if I can sew with a friend on my table....
 String piecing is a messy job, but someone has to do it!


Karen said...

What a fun way to plan! Way to go ladies on all the finished projects.

Mara said...

Sounds like a ton of FUN!