Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sewing Tuesday!

 You probably wonder how yesterday was any different than any other day since I tend to sew most days, but it was more fun because I got to sew with friends.  I am starting a new free pieced letter project, so I worked on these letters all day. When I put them on the design wall to take the pictures, one of the gals said "What does it say?"  I told her...nothing yet! I was able to make a couple of words out of the letters so far. I'm using some batik scraps on a white background.
 Gretchen worked on a new Modern Cathedral Windows Pillow for her grandson....see his name embroidered in the center square? It is so pretty!
 Diana worked on her Wonky Stars blocks again. She is getting a lot finished.
 Brenda worked on another one of these cute bags. She has made over a dozen of them so far. I love this camping fabric and the coordinates.
 I wanted to get some of the camping fabric to make my camping-aholic sisters each a pillowcase, but I didn't and now Brenda told me that the fabric is gone from our local quilt shop.
 Becky and Betty worked on this string pieced quilt last week, and brought it to show us that it was all finished! They are giving it to Becky's brother.
Dianne finished her Snake Dance Mystery quilt today. She auditioned several fabrics for the border, and decided on the darker orange that was in the quilt. She made it twin size. It's fun to see people working on my designs!
Not sure what today will bring, but I need to get outside and work for a bit. Then I will probably sew some more!

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Fiesta said...

Beautiful as usual Jean. Your students have the best teacher.