Monday, August 19, 2013

A camping weekend....

 I painted the second coat on the front porch peak and eaves Friday morning. That second coat makes it all look so good! Then I started packing up the car to head to Denison to Yellowsmoke Park for the family camp-out. This is our second year going to Yellowsmoke. We like it a lot because there are 2 cabins for us non-campers (my family and my folks) and a place by each cabin for a camper, so my 2 sisters and their families can park next to us. There are only 2 cabins right now, so it was very peaceful and nice on the hill. 

This is our cabin, and the camper next to it.

 My daughter's dogs enjoyed a weekend of camping.

 My folk's cabin. The cabins are far enough apart so that if it was another group of people, you would have your own space. Love that there are camper spaces next to them, or we would be in two different spots. Only the people renting the cabins can let someone camp next to it...the general public can't.
My daughter brought the Duck Dynasty game so those of us that are fans spent some time playing it. What a hoot!
I really didn't take too many pictures...I just forgot, so I don't have pictures of half the people that were there. It was a great weekend, but tiring. Now I'm trying to get up the energy to go out and paint that last coat. Then I will be finished painting for now. I go back to school Friday and won't have as much time to paint then.There is one set of eaves I could still reach, so if I get ambitious, I will paint that too. Most of the rest of the house trim is too high to paint on the ladders I'm using.  I'm not too crazy about going much higher on a ladder will have to find scaffolding for the rest.


Kerstin said...

what a great place to go. Looked like you all had fun.
I love going with the camper. if its nice you can stay and if not you just go on.

post pictures of your paintjob. Im full of envy about your energy.

ga447 said...

Great pictures and great memories. So much fun.

Julianne said...

Looks like a great place. Sounds like you had a great time such a fun family time.