Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last Tuesday Sewing day....

 Back in June, I had gathered several ufos and put them in bags to take to Tuesday Sewing so that I could finish them. Diana ran out of fabric on her project, so I asked her if she wanted to finish one of them. She took this one, (scroll down to the end of post to see it then) added some borders and finished it yesterday. I think the blocks were originally from a swap. Now I need to quilt it and find a home for it.
 Betty worked on finishing this applique project...she is going to hang it over a window. There are lots of pretties on this quilt...some beading and other embellishments.
Diana finished her flag quilt (she was working on it during the retreat). Now she just has to snip the seams...

I got the last border sewn on the new Sampler, but no pix yet. I also found a backing fabric for it, so I want to get that sewn together too. Then I cut and sewed some strip-sets for a demo I will be doing at Cut Up and Quilt next weekend (Aug. 31)for their one year anniversary. It's hard to believe they've been open a year already! I will take some pictures later of my progress on this cute demo quilt.

I hate to see summer break end, but I guess I should just be happy to have it! It's back to school for me on Friday.


Kerstin said...

aha, now I know how you get them quilts done. lol.

pretty quilts.
Im still working on my last border from the mystery. Im just slow as molasses.

Karen said...

Love the yellow and blue combo. So summer. Betty, beautiful window covering. Love all the flowers. And Diana, you now have a project to do in front of the TV if you every have time to watch. LOL Thanks for sharing your last Tuesday sewing day.