Monday, August 12, 2013

Look at these retreat beauties!

 Pat worked on this long and hard and it is near completion! It is so pretty made out of 30s repro fabrics. Not sure these pictures do it justice.
Rose finished this cute 3 yd. quilt Sunday morning, after she taught an impromptu hotpad class!

Dianne finished a cute growth chart for her granddaughter. Can you see her ladybug slippers?
 I made this bag on Sunday...I bought the fabric before our last retreat, but didn't have the pattern. Then I got the pattern, but still didn't get it made. So I knew I had better make it Sunday or it would be in the bag until our next retreat!
 I used decorator fabric and cotton lining.It's a simple bag, but so cute! I can't wait to use it!
 I love the lining so much. I had gotten 2 yds. of it, so there is plenty left to make something else.
 Cindy's Sunday project was working on a quilt for her brother centering around the chevy fabric. She had a lot of the pieced blocks finished when we left.
 Diana worked on her rag quilt project on Sunday after she finished her hotpad and I forgot to get an update pic before she left. She had lots more of the blocks ready to put together.
 Sadness....packing up. Those 3 1/2 days went so fast. We like Stitchin' Tree's Quilter's Cottage near Woodbine a's not too far to drive, and great for our small group!
 We followed Pat and Cindy out of the driveway as we left and were puzzled when they pulled over to the side of the road right away. Dang flat tire! Pat called her husband and he said he would come and change it, so we didn't have to find out if we could get the lug nuts off!
Maybe they should have waited to see who would pick them up... It might've been a quilter on her way to shop!


Kerstin said...

lovely pictures. Looked like you all had lots of fun.
I never been to a quilting retreat. hmm. maybe should start something like that over here.

GardenOfDaisies said...

You girls have had such a fun time! And you all got so much done. Truly a LOT can be accomplished in two days when you and your friends all have one goal in mind. I went to school with some kids from Woodbine... still friends to this day.

Rosa said...

Great pictures and you did beautiful projects.Have a fun day!