Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mounting a letter sign = a finish!

 You might remember that I was working on a free pieced Conrad sign a few weeks ago...I wanted to mount it on a canvas frame, but had to make my own to get the size I needed. They sell the frame bars in different sizes at Hobby Lobby, but our local one has been out of the size I needed for one of the sides. So I ran over to an Omaha store today to pick one up so I could finish it. When you make it yourself, it doesn't have the canvas on it. I could use fabric, but I decided to start with a tight batting and just put the sign over that.

I laid it out and started measuring from the edge to the border seam, so I would get it on there straight. I put some pins in through the batting to hold it in place.
 Using lots of pins, I went around the whole thing measuring and pinning.

 Conrad decided it looked like an interesting job, so he jumped up on the counter to help me. Unfortunately, he started trying to get the pins out. I could hardly see them, so not sure how he could. So I put a scrap of batting loosely around this neck like a collar and he started was distracted for awhile trying to get it off and left the pins alone.
 He loves a good game! Smokey came along and watched him for awhile, and then wandered back to the other room.
 As I folded it over to staple it, I folded the edges under so it would look nice on the back. I'm debating whether or not I should put fabric across the back to cover it or not. When I have covered canvases in the past I just left the back open, so I might just leave it for now. I can always cover it later.

A nice wall hanging without any quilting.... I want to be able to show people different things they can make with the letters when I teach the class and this name sign would look nice on anyone's wall.  I love finishing projects!


Karen said...

Congratulations on another finish! Love how Conrad wanted to help you.

Susan said...

Hooray for a finish...it looks great too!

Kerstin said...

the speed of your getting things finished is getting me scared.
it looks great.