Sunday, October 6, 2013

AQS show was stupendous!

I am still overwhelmed by all the beautiful quilts I saw in Des Moines yesterday at the AQS QuiltWeek Show. We arrived about 8:30 (the show opened at 9) so we had a few minutes to buy our ticket, and to look over the show book. Ok, first we found my name in it!

 I'm number 63. I wanted to show both pages in case someone is reading this that had a quilt in this challenge, but was not able to attend or get a show book.

 Once they opened the doors, we headed to the area where the Modern Challenge quilts were located. Much of the show was in this second room at the show. There was no balcony overlooking that room so I couldn't get a bird's eye view of it.
This is the arena that you walk into when you get there. There were quilts on the far left and front of the arena. Much of the show was in a second room to the right of the main arena at the show. That's where the Modern Challenge quilts were, as well as many other exhibits including the DM area quilt guild show.

Here is mine! I will post more pix from the Modern Challenge and other exhibits tomorrow. 

 We saw many different exhibits, including the best of the best, the Master Pieces.And they truly were!   I loved this one!
 Another stunning quilt.

 We would get as close as we could to some of these quilts just to see the quilting and other techniques used.
 I took over 300 pictures, so I will post some more throughout the week. I need to get busy and clean a bit so I can get some quilting done today! The Central Park quilt is still waiting to be finished!


ga447 said...

How exciting to see your quilt in the BIG show. The other quilts are special but I don't know those people but I know you.

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Mom, Congratulations on your quilt being in that show! What she isn't telling you guys is that they had something like 4000 entries!!!

Judi said...

Congrats for getting your quilt in the show. It's an honor to have one hanging. Love your quilt