Sunday, October 13, 2013

Newbies Double Four Patch and a label...

 The Double Four Patch block is really interesting when you make some positive and some negative. That is what we did Thursday night during the Four Patch Petunia Beginning Quilting class. They enjoyed seeing how different the block looked and what interesting designs they could make with them. They are making four blocks from each pattern, so they will have a lap quilt when finished.

Their homework last week was to finish two more Bowtie blocks, and they looked good too!

 One of the quilters missed the first class, so she worked on her Bowtie blocks. Love her gray background!
 I made and attached the label for the Snake Dance is going on a journey soon!
 I have a busy week coming up...I teach a sampler class the second Monday every month, and one on the third Wednesday every month. Every once in awhile (this month!) they end up in the same week. I have my bookfair going on all week at school, plus Tuesday night....and my beginners on Thursday! The week will fly by!
I have a few class prep things to do today,  finish my class calendar for the year, plus some cleaning, so better get to it!

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Julianne said...

Looks like a another great class...