Saturday, October 12, 2013

Some of the AQS all categories

I took a lot of pictures of quilts last weekend that I found amazing and beautiful. These quilts were NOT part of the Modern Challenge...some were prizewinners and others I thought could've been prizewinners, or they were in my opinion. I loved the face on this pretty....

This one was stunning as well, every one of those little petals was needle turned and hand sewn on. It must've taken years to complete...or at least it would if I did it!

 I kept trying to capture the beauty of this was gorgeous! Guess that's why it won this blue ribbon!
 My friend Cindy and I were in awe of the quilting on some of the quilts too...we would get up as close as we could to see what the quilter had achieved.

 Most of the time pictures just don't do them justice, but I think you can appreciate the quilting if you click to enlarge.
 There are no words for this quilt...seriously.

We were entranced by this one...the quilting, the yarns couched on, and it was layered over a center that had some interesting techniques.

The quilt was finished around the edges of this "hole". In the center there are raised (trapunto technique?) black half circles with gold stitching around them. You can see that the quilt itself seems heavy and raised above the center.
It was an intriguing quilt.

 I really liked the way the quilt artist designed the borders to look like a picture frame on this one.

 Interesting play between what was pieced and appliqued andwhat was quilted. Loved it.

 You can see what an eye catching quilt this is....very beautiful and interesting. I'm glad I took so many pictures, so I can enjoy them and look closely at them again.
I'm heading to Cut Up and Quilt to teach the Sparkling Prisms class will be fun to see my friends and eager quilt students there. Happy Saturday!


Mara said...

Thanks for sharing the photos

Kerstin said...

Hi Jean, thank you so much for sharing all those pictures in this and in the last few post. I enjoyed them very much. Its almost like being there.
Must be a awesome feeling to see your own quilt in the show.

Susan said...

Those are some amazing quilts! What a show it must have been!