Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blended colorplay

I finished sewing the blended colorplay squares together Sunday and decided that I wanted this one to have a border. I liked the way it looked framed by my design wall, so I opted for a white border. I thought that might keep the clean image of the colors. Now that it's on, I'm not sure I like it. 

 Maybe it's too wide, maybe it's just too white! I don't know. But I decided to quilt it and figure it out afterwards. I can always cut it down or cut it off. Maybe an inch would look better...

 It seems quicker in the long run to sew two smaller quilts together and quilt them at the same time. So I sewed this one and the Rock Candy together, with a strip of fabric in between. I also sewed the two backing fabrics together...just forgot to take a picture.I had to add a piece to lengthen Rock Candy a bit since it wasn't quite as wide as the other quilt.

 I'm using a meandering quilting pattern on both. I got a few passes quilted yesterday and hope to get them finished today.

 My daughters are coming over tonight to spend Christmas Eve and we will go to my family's celebration tomorrow. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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Kerstin said...

smart move. Like the idea of finishing two at the same time.