Monday, December 2, 2013

Rock Candy

I got three little quilts ready to quilt yesterday...the two Rock Candy toppers and the Colorwheel Stash quilt. It didn't take long to quilt this one, but I was worried about the shape distorting  so sewed straight of grain leaders on both Rock Candy quilts to help hold them steady during the quilting process.I also pinned and stitched down the edges as I went. I used a meander pattern for the quilting.

The backing for this one is a multicolored zigzag print from the Wrens and Friends fabric line that I used to make the topper. I used it for the binding and love the slanted stripes!
I had an easier time quilting the larger Rock Candy as far as getting it to lay flat and straight on the machine, but a couple of the sides bow in a bit, so I may have to block it. Not sure how to accomplish that with a six sided project. Any ideas? 

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Marie said...

This is beautiful - great colours! Sorry, not sure that I have any advice on blocking for you.