Friday, January 17, 2014

More finishes from classes

I always enjoy getting pictures from quilters of the finished projects from my classes.
 Yuko finished last Saturday's project, Rock Candy, already, and it's quilted and bound! So pretty!

Kathy B. finished her free pieced letters project and practiced some free motion quilting on it, so she calls it her learning quilt! She made her grandchildren's names for the quilt.
I finished working on sorting the colorwheel squares last night so they are ready for class tomorrow. Tonight I'm riding up to my hometown with my daughter to visit my parents. Hopefully some other family members will be able to come over and visit too.


ga447 said...

I love red/orange fabric, I love the first photo. The second photo you need lots of patience. Great work everyone!

Kerstin said...

wonderful quilts