Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quilting has its perks

I got the tessellated quilt loaded on the machine yesterday and started quilting it. One of the perks of quilting on the frame is that you can examine it closely, clip stray threads and pick off the fuzzies before you quilt it. This one is queen size and picked up some kitty hair while I was pressing it. Not sure how that happened since my house is always spotless...
Hmmmm,  I know you  know better since I'd rather sew than clean. This is the back, I like the way it ties in the smaller black and white dotted fabric from the front. I plan on working on this a bit every night after work. We'll see how that goes.

I also spent some time yesterday putting blocks together for the mystery quilt. It's coming along, and I only have 13 blocks left to put together. I am excited to lay it out to see if it meets the expectations I have!
My holiday break is over and I'm back to work today. Happy Tuesday!


Diana Symanowicz said...

The best part of this post - "my house is always spotless..." HaHaHa. You make me laugh!

Have a good day back to school. I wish I could say that today. See you soon.

Kerstin said...

you get everything done so quick.
Makes me feel like Im a slow turtle.

like the fabric you use for the backing.

Mrs Knitaddict said...

I am amazed by your immense organization and speed, Jean.
So much work in such a short time.
My love and admiration,

Barb said...

Fun things going on over there!!! Love both quilts!

Carrie's Quilt's said...

i Love your work what is the patterns of those two that u made called??!! Could u join my blog as well it would meen lots to me!!! what you think of my work as well, and what gaddgets do u use? im learning along the way!!!! I love the Quilting world! http://quiltingalwaysforhim4.blogspot.com/