Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This and that

It's been a busy week so far. I sewed and quilted all day Sunday and sorted colorwheel squares in the evening for kits for the class this Sat. I'm not sure anyone needs a kit, but I decided I had them cut so I might as well make them as it will be nice to have them sorted that way anyway. These are the fabrics I'm using on the mystery quilt...I wanted to take a picture of them in good light as it helps to have it on the supply sheet for the class. It's hard enough to pick fabrics for a quilt you haven't seen, so it helps to see what I used.

 I taught a Sampler Club Monday night and went out to eat with my sister and her husband last night. It was their last night in town before they went back to Vancouver Island today. I have another Sampler Club tonight, so that will be fun and keep me out of trouble.
You might remember seeing this quilt in its early stages awhile back when I taught the class on free piecing letters. This quilter sent me a picture of her finished quilt! She is going to use the letters again when she makes a t-shirt quilt for her daughter.

Hopefully I will get some more quilting done tomorrow night, I'm really anxious to get the tessie quilt finished!


Millie said...

Pretty colors. Nice word quilt too. Your student did a great job! Nice "W"

Kerstin said...

nice fabric, intriguing to see what it will turn into.

What a beautiful quilt. love it.