Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching up

Monday night I met with the Sampler 18 group. They are half way through their classes now. Last month they started their Friendship Stars, but had multiples of them to make so didn't finish in class.  They were mostly finished Monday night.

They worked on Astra Monday night, but have to make four for the center of the quilt, so they left with some homework!
Can you figure out which block goes with which set of blocks above?
Tuesday night I met with the Colorwheel Stash group. During the class we decided to meet again to continue working on art type projects using our squares and trying some different techniques with them. We had a great time. I took some art type projects I have done to show how you can use stitching and beading to enhance these types of quilts.
 Several people worked on getting a border they liked on their original project, others worked on new ideas. I played with yellow and blue 6 x 6 blocks, but for some reason...again no pictures. I was really upset with myself but I guess we were just having too much fun playing and discussing what we could do. Luckily we are meeting again next month, so we can see everyone's progress. I hope to have my sunrise/sunset quilt quilted by then. I have some ideas and am anxious to get started on that.
I meet with the beginning piecing class making More Peas in a Pod tonight. I WILL take pictures! 

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Kerstin said...

pretty blocks and very hard to find the right set.
here goes my guess

1 block with last set
2 block with second set
3 block with third set.