Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lots of sewing!

I had a lot of fun on retreat working on some new blocks made out of batiks. I am in love with the background fabric and think it looks good with everything I've chosen so far.

You might remember the 3rd colorwheel quilt that was waiting to be finished...I spent more time trying to decide what to use for borders than it took to sew them on. I'm still not sure if it's finished...hopefully I will decide soon.
I played with colorwheel orange squares one night when I was too tired to sew and sewed it together the next morning. I have an idea in mind for some more colorized squares.

Dianne made a microwave bowl potholder...
...I love these things and plan to make more!

 Diana finished her Tangled in the Kite Strings blocks out of her mother's stash....this will be a stunning quilt.
Rose finished one ZigZag quilt and started another one. They look so different!

She also finished this quilt that she started on the last retreat....
 And made a quick and easy scarf!

Dianne worked on her polka-dotted Which Way is Up quilt. She is going to add a green dotted border.

Diana also worked on her Sparkling Prisms blocks.

Rose made a cute snow globe wallhanging....
Dianne liked it so much, she made one too!

Pat started and finished this quilt on retreat. We all loved the soft colors. She worked the rest of the time on her ZigZag quilt, but sadly I didn't get any pictures of her blocks. She was finished making them, just had to start assembling the quilt.

Diana finished a sampler quilt she started a few years ago. She went back to school while continuing to work fulltime and raise 3 kids, so she didn't have much time to sew. She recently graduated and is happy to be able to devote some time to quilting again.
It was a great weekend of sewing, laughing and sharing stories. I can't wait for the next one!

I spent some time working on the mystery pattern last night and got more done than I thought I would. I'm home today (SNOW DAY!!!) so hope to get it finished. Maybe I'll have time for a little sewing too.


Kerstin said...

looks like you been gone longer than just a weekend with all those finishes.

Some great work, thanks for sharing the pictures.

suemac said...

Some lovely finishes. Looks like you all had fun.

Mrs Knitaddict said...

Jean...dear Jean, you amaze me all the time. So many beautiful blocks! Fortunate to have a teacher like this.
XXXX, Dolly

Barb said...

I so love batiks (no secret)...thanks for showing all the squares, project, and quilts...nothing like a color wheel of inspirations!!!