Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love finishes....

I met with the Sampler Pick class last night. These quilters picked which of my 18 sampler designs they wanted to make so there has been a lot of variety in this class! Last night was the last of 6 sessions. Dorothy had made her last block last month, so had put her blocks together. She worked on cutting and attaching the first border last night.
Lora had one block left to make, but had all of her setting blocks made, so she will be putting it together soon! It was so much fun to get it up on the wall! We've been admiring those red and black blocks every month. 

Kelli had one block left to make also, and worked on it last night. She has the pieced frames on 4 of the 6 blocks and the other frames ready to put on, as well as sashings cut. That's the beauty of making these samplers over the 6 month time have a chance to have it all ready to put together by the last class except for the last block or two. Some of the designs have more blocks than others.

Her last block was paper pieced, so it took a little longer than usual to complete, but she is ready to finish sewing the sections together.

They decided last night which design they want to start working on next month when we start a new Sampler Pick class. They each chose a different design again, so it will be interesting and keep me on my toes! I will be sending out an email soon, but if you are interested in joining this group and making the sampler of your choice, let me know.

We are in for some snow today, they are saying 3 - 5",  but the temps aren't supposed to  be too low, so we'll see how much we end up with. 

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ga447 said...

Wow amazing. I heard Council Bluffs received an award for the best snow removal.