Monday, February 10, 2014

The weekend.....

I taught a T-shirt quilt class on Saturday and while I was there I picked up the backing fabric for the mystery quilt. It picks up all the colors I used, so I think it will be perfect.

The class went well, lots of questions about t-shirt quilts in general, but also specific questions about what to do when you have multiple sizes of shirts. The day went by quickly and I felt like we covered a lot of content from basics that have to be done and more creative things you can do with your shirts. I hope they send me pictures when they are finished since I forgot to take any during class!

I spent Sunday working on different types of class/quilty related paperwork. I did manage to get in some play time with some colorwheel squares so that was fun. I worked on purple and red 6 x 6 squares. Here are the green and orange ones I have already made.  I didn't take a picture but will the next time I take them out. I have a project in mind for these that I hope will work, but I'm figuring it out as I go so we'll see!
 I have a busy week of classes this week so I'll keep you posted on their progress!

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