Monday, February 24, 2014

Thread art or just a mess?

I have been thinking about how I wanted to quilt the colorwheel sunset quilt. I wanted to try some free motion quilting on it, rather than a panto. My machine isn't really set up for free motion quilting. I don't have front controls or a stitch regulator, so I don't attempt much free motion. Plus I have a range of about 7", so that limits the area being worked on.  I have done organic wavy lines across a top a few times. And have done a little echo quilting.
I wanted to show rays coming from the yellows, so I started sewing some jagged lines in and back out from the top edge. I knew if I wanted lines to come from the center I would have to overlap them somewhat.

I used tape to mark the edge of where I could go in one pass, since I didn't want any weird jags when I hit my "edge" or the end of my range for that row.
I continued the rays, but tried to put more of a curve on them to soften the look. I used a variegated gold thread. I had plans to switch to a rosey variegated when I got closer to the darker fabric on the bottom, but I forgot.
I just wanted an organic wavy line across the bottom portion, but I wanted some overlap between the rays and the organic ground part. Not sure if you can really see it  in the above picture.

Originally I wanted to blend this yellow/orange corner better with the reds  by using a darker thread, but I forgot to switch and after I had used the gold over parts of it, I decided I liked how it looked on the darker fabrics.
I will take a better picture after I have it trimmed, but overall I am happy with it. I'm not sure it's what I had envisioned, but it is pretty in it's own way.

I used a solid gold on the back. I had some other class related things to do yesterday, so didn't work on it anymore. I laid it out on my table so it could lay flat and rest from all that quilting.
 Both cats thought it looked comfy....
I have a busy week of classes this week. I am starting the Against the Tide Mystery class on Wed. at CUAQ. I'm doing this one at two locations since a mystery isn't very mysterious after it's been shown! Plus it's nice to have a choice for people to come during the evening or a Sat. morning. The times and dates for both locations are on the upcoming classes page if you are interested in doing this mystery!


Patty said...

I absolutely love it! I must be a little tired cos when you said you used a solid gold for the back, I'm looking at the multicolored print...thinking, why does she think that is gold? Looked long enough to realize it's the thread. Duh!

suemac said...

Very pretty.

Kerstin said...

awesome, love the fabric of that quilt and your quilting looks superp.