Sunday, March 16, 2014

Against the Tide Mystery....half way there!

The mystery quilters were busy the week in between classes, working on their clues 1 and 2. Most had them completed when I gave them Clue 3, which was the final cutting directions as well as some lovely half square triangles using their backgrounds and their color A fabrics.
The last half hour of class they put this row together. That is Clue 4....we are getting there! These are Cathy's fabrics. 

 Marilyn's Clues 3 and 4.

 Kathy's clues 3 and 4.

 Kelli's Clue 2.
 Kelli's Clues 3 and 4. 
Not sure why the coloring is so funky...this is the same background as in the previous picture!
 Lora's clues from last week and Clue 2.
 Lora's Clues 3 and 4.
Dianne's Clues 3 and 4. 
I am excited to show them the completed quilt next week and see what they think! You can visit Kerstin at Cookies Treasures to see her progress on her Against the Tide Mystery quilt as well. I'm not sure what time she will be posting her Clues 3 and 4 because of the time difference, but check her blog to see how her quilt is coming along.

My daughter flew home from Malaysia last night....I know she had a great time, but I'm glad she's back on US soil again! I am going to cut out a new quilt today...are you quilting?


Barb said...

I bet you are glad she is home safe...

I might get to quilting in a few.

Scrapatches said...

Your mystery quilt pattern is looking sew interesting. I wandered onto your blog via Kerstin's blog and am sew happy I did. Looking forward to seeing the mystery solved ... :) Pat