Sunday, March 9, 2014

And the mystery begins!

I spent a lot of time working on the Against the Tide Mystery quilt the past few months, but couldn't post any pictures of it because it is a mystery class and needs to stay a surprise! I am teaching it at both locations that I teach at, so I have two groups that are working on it. The first group started about 10 days ago, but I had to wait until the second group started yesterday to post pictures.
Kathy  hst
Cathy hst
These half square triangles are part of Clue 1.

Marilyn hst

Kelli hst

Dianne hst
Lots of variations in color and textures, so it will be fun to see how they turn out.
Lora hst
I sent Clue 2 home with both classes for homework after Clue 1. Since the second group has met the second time, here are some pictures of their clue 2 sections. They are working on Clue 3 and4 and will get their final clues Wednesday night. They are enjoying the time in between classes to work on each clue and are excited to see the finished quilt!
Kathy's clue 2

Cathy's clue 2

Marilyn's clue 2
My German friend Kerstin at Cookie's Treasures agreed to test the pattern for me and is almost finished with it. She did it clue by clue so emailed me when she was ready for the next one. I really appreciate her work and feedback on helping me get this pattern just right! She will be posting about it sometime today as well so go and take a look...her fabrics are gorgeous, but I will let her show you!

Most everyone in my family likes to make things and my daughter Angie is no exception. She made these cool coasters with a kit she got from Darby Smart. To see more about it and get a $10 off coupon code for their website, check out Life With Angie. These look like fun to make and would make great gifts for loved ones who have made you many beautiful quilts (do you think she got the hint?).

Last but not least, you can still comment on the original giveaway posts for one of my patterns, a McCalls Quick Quilts magazine and the Chantilly charm pack until 8:00 tonight. I will post the winners tomorrow!

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