Sunday, March 2, 2014


 Yesterday's Circle and Spin class was so much fun. Even though we had snow and bitterly cold temps in the forecast, these hearty quilters came out to learn a new technique! We took it step by step and in no time we had some curvelicious blocks!
 Once they got started, there was no stopping them! Sandy chose earth tones for her quilt....we loved it when she added the gold in her second set of blocks. She had some rivery looking blues too.
Cindy chose Americana fabrics she had in her stash....she commented that every time she glanced at her red plaid it looked like ants on a tablecloth, so we renamed her quilt "Ants Across America". If you click on the second pic, I think you will see that it's actually stars! 
 Do they look like ants to you? We liked the interest the teal colored fabric added to the never really know what will happen until you put them together!
 Paula chose batiks for hers. They are stunning colors of greens, blues and purples. She chose one batik  she loved and built her fabric choices around them.
 Luscious! It was a fun day of sewing and chatting and the snow didn't start until late afternoon so everyone could drive home safely. I did make them promise to show me their finished quilts before they left....
I have lots of odds and ends to do today, among them cleaning (ugh), redoing a graphic on a pattern and loading the mystery quilt on the quilting machine. I need to get it quilted! Sounds like it will be a great day to stay inside since it is bitterly cold outside. Not sure if we have more snow in the forecast or not, but we only ended up with a couple inches last night.

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