Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do I really need fabric?

Last Saturday I went shopping with a friend. We did a shop hop of our own around Omaha. I was mainly just looking, but I have an idea for the 6 x 6 colorwheel blocks that might involve black, gray, white or some combination of them. So I was checking out the neutrals I came across. I found a couple of interesting prints that might work with the idea I have.
One I found is a dotted hombre that goes from light gray to charcoal...I love it!  The other one has black to white dots...very interesting.
It was a fun day. We ate lunch at a new-to-us mexican restaurant and just browsed fabrics all day. I hadn't been to some of these shops for a long time, so it was fun to see what was new. It's inspiring too!

I'm not sure why I have this need to make things with fabric, but I definitely need it! The challenge of getting the fabric, planning what you are going to make and then seeing how it looks when finished.  How about you? What keeps you quilting?

Today I'm off to teach people how to make a fun quilt with circular shapes the easy way! We have a bit of snow on the ground and the forecast is for more snow later, so I hope it doesn't pile up too much!


Kerstin said...

nice fabric, the black with the dots makes me dizzy looking at it.

Im a addicted to fabric and the needle.
Fabric gives me such comfort. lol

Susan said...

I bought a gray with white dots today...must be something in the air!

Karen said...

It makes my soul happy to make things with fabric. Cool fabrics you picked out!

Julianne said...

I think for me it is the challenge