Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random pictures from class and other news....

It's been a busy month for classes. I love when people bring in show and tell! Lora finished her sampler quilt top from the Wed. night Sampler Pick class that recently ended. She also brought her little spools quilt made out of sewing related fabrics.
Last Thursday night the beginners worked on layering and tying their quilts. It's exciting when they are almost finished...for me as well as them.
You might remember that I forgot to take a picture of Lisa's quilt the week before...well her it is!Love the shades of brown and dog related fabrics.
I finished the quilting on the Against the Tide Mystery quilt over the weekend. I love how it looks. I used the Ebb and Flow panto and a medium variegated thread that blended well on the quilt top, and stood out a bit on back.
Smokey loves it too....both cats had a turn sitting on it. They think any quilt is fair game. I worked on the binding on Sunday so it is finished! Just in time!

I'm meeting with the Colorwheel Stash group tonight....should be fun to see what they have gotten done since last month. I've had some teasers, so I'm ready to see! I will take pictures this time...I promise!


Barb said...

Love your randomness

Julianne said...

Such fun quilts