Friday, April 4, 2014

Don't you love a new block?

Happy Friday! I started working on a new sampler quilt when I went on retreat in Jan. but have been so busy with classes the past few months I hadn't gotten back to it, so I have been working on some new blocks for it this week.
I am using lots of different batiks with a multicolored batik background.  I got the block below finished and started another one, not really looking at it. Later when I took the picture, I realized something was off! oops!
That's better!

I had finished five blocks on retreat, so now I have ten. Two more and I can start putting it together. One thing I really like about samplers is that you can try a block out without having to make dozens of them. Plus it's a challenge for me to design a few new blocks to mix in with the traditional blocks as well as design a setting that I haven't used before.
What are you favorite quilts to make? One or two blocks repeated or multiple blocks in a sampler setting?


Julianne said...

Love your blocks. I usually make quilts with one or two blocks. I like the secondary patterns.

Chris H said...

I love the blocks.
I also love quilts that use totally different blocks instead of all the same.
But in saying that, my Dresden Plate quilt is gorgeous too! I'm still working on it! Only been 'on the go' for 2 years. *sigh*

Maggi said...

Great blocks. Isn't it amazing how much more we see through the camera lens!

I don't make traditional block quilts any more but if I did I would prefer samplers as I get bored too easily to do the same block over and over.

Carrie's Quilt's said...

my faveorite blocks are the Flying Geese and Log Cabins & Court House Steps!
I love your work u keep inspring me!!!" keep going <3

Kerstin said...

great blocks.

I like samplers but I like just one or two blocks in a quilt. What ever the mood is.