Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's the little things....and goats and work

 I had a few spare moments last weekend, so decided to cut up some strips I had precut for models for the Scrappy Braid Workshop last month. I needed lots of different half hexies for the models because I couldn't find my original ones...hmmm I demonstrated sewing them together as well. So I wanted a nice mix.
I only cut a few of each fabric for the models, so I had lots left to cut. These were scraps from other projects, so there are more of some than others. They are fun and easy to sew together so now they are ready for a day I feel like doing some easy sewing.

 While I was in Earling last weekend, I visited my brother's farm. He raises goats, among other things. Many are kidding right now, so there were lots of babies, from newborn to a few weeks old. This one is about 8 months old and the only one that I got a picture of, even though I carried the camera around the whole time. I guess I got so busy looking I forgot to take pictures! They really are cute and made lots of noise while we were by their pens but as soon as we walked away, they were quiet again.

I am off this weekend with not much planned except a little cleaning. I finally got the tomatoes and peppers planted last night, so hopefully they will be happy. They were starting to look a little sad even though I was keeping them wet.

We have three days left of school, so the library is closed now and I spent the past week checking in, and shelving books. I have been rearranging some books on the shelves as I go as they were too crowded. I had moved some of the books to different locations earlier in the year, but I usually have 900 - 1000 books checked out at any given time, so moving them when they aren't all there isn't the best plan. But I had a good reason...

You might remember that we moved into our remodeled building midway through last school year.  The bookcase that is deeper so better for picture books was the farthest away from my desk, but I thought I should use it for them since that was its purpose.  It didn't take long to realize I needed to switch things around.  Mainly I wanted to get the picture books closer to my desk. It was too hard to monitor the kids where they were, so I moved the picture and easy chapter books over to the other end of the rows of bookcases, right in front of my desk. Much better, but to move one area meant I had to move another to make them fit. So I swapped them.  If the rows were A -G, G went to A and A went to G. It worked, but it scrambled the order up a bit. I haven't had time to move the rest, and decided it was better to do it at the end of the year anyway, after most of the books were returned. So that's the plan for Monday and Tuesday.
Happy Saturday!

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Karen said...

Your scrappy braid is going to be so full of scrappy goodness, I can hardly wait to see it finished. Love seeing the little goat. Good luck with your moving of the books!