Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sampler sewing and a visitor

Sampler club was fun Monday night. Two of the quilters brought their StarLuna Sampler tops along to share. Marilyn's is finished, just needs to be quilted. Laura had her center all put together when she came for class. 

Laura is in a group that meets on Tuesdays to sew, and I joined them Tuesday so got a picture of her finished top. 

Betty is in a different class making the same quilt, so she worked on getting hers caught up Tuesday. It's really looking good!
 Dianne worked on her very large scrappy braid. I think she is working on the last braided strip now. It will go together quickly.

 My daugher, Angie, from Seattle arrived Tuesday afternoon for a week-long visit. I picked her up at the airport and we walked around the Old Market downtown area in Omaha for awhile. We met my other daughter, Wendy, at Trini's for yummy mexican food.
 She wanted to see her old elementary school, so Rachel and I visited it yesterday. Roosevelt is the school I work at and she was interested in seeing it since it's been remodeled.
 Here she is with her new bff, Rachel's dog, Galena.
Today we are going to my hometown do visit with my folks, sisters and brother. Should be a fun trip!


Rosa said...

Congratulations,they are just stunning .Hard to choose only one fav!
Have a fun weekend.

Maggi said...

They have all done such a wonderful job. Enjoy your family weekend.