Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A quilting finish and a start!

 We won't talk about how long this queen size quilt was on the machine, but Cobblestone Path is now quilted! I finished it the other day.
 These pictures don't really do it justice, the colors are so vibrant!
 I made this a few years ago, just had never quilted it.

 I used a variegated gold thread on the top and gold on the back and the Leafage panto. The backing is more green than this, but it's the best picture I have right now. I made the multicolored binding when I made the top using lots of the leftovers from the quilt, so it's ready to go! I hope to get it bound today.
 I got the Ruby Shadow quilt backing prepped and loaded it yesterday. It's twin size and is going a little faster than Cobblestone Path did...it's almost finished. It makes a difference when I'm actually able to spend most of a day quilting.
 The backing is a red floral so I think the white quilting will look awesome.
I'm off to sew with friends today and then start a new Sampler class tonight, so it will be a very quilty day! Happy Tuesday!


Terri said...

Oh Jean, you are the one with the quilt pattern in the magazine! Congratulations! It is a lovely pattern. I'll have to look that one up.
Love the quilt and the quilting you did on this cobblestone. I love that pattern, I've made a bunch of those. Some for Project Linus - it lends itself to I Spy quilts really well. I made some as doll quilts for the grandgirls' dolls one Christmas when the their little brother was due and he got a crib size to use.
I've got one ready to quilt and donate to H2H for Happy Chemo. Wow - now that I think about it, I have made quite a few of them.
You lose track after a while.

Maggi said...

The cobblestone quilt looks fantastic and that red one is so striking.

Karen said...

Way to get those quilts to the finish line! Love Cobble Stone. Are you going to use it? Hope so as it's so beautiful! Have fun sewing with friends.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Quilting with friends is wonderful! Glad to see you had a good day!