Monday, July 14, 2014

Spinning up some fun...and an EQ glitch

I spent some time the other day finishing my Magic Stack n Whack block models that I cut for my class. I plan to make a quilt using both patterns in the quilt together, so I thought it might be good to make a few more blocks in different sizes.
I found the block in EQ and printed out the dimensions for both a 10" and a 14" block (the original blocks are 16" and 12"). I made the rectangular pieces larger than they were on EQ as I had some problems making this block from the EQ pattern when I made the Turning Cartwheels quilt but I eventually got it figured out. The teal block is 10" and worked out ok after several tries. The 14" blocks were trickier and I ended up cutting out the pieces several times before I finally got it right.  ***Note to self: cut a test block, don't just cut out all the pieces for several blocks.
Eventually I realized that more was wrong than just the rectangular pieces, because these blocks were turning out about the same size as the original 16" ones. Hmmmmm.....
But they are really pretty so I guess it doesn't matter!
I would like to note here that I use EQ all the time to see my designs as I work on them and use the graphics I can make there, but I very rarely use the cutting dimensions that you can print out as I can figure that out myself. So I do print out templates for paper piecing and templates for odd shapes and they mostly work out. With this block, it's more difficult to figure out dimensions, so I relied on theirs. I just need to do a test block next time before I cut it all out!


Dora, the Quilter said...

Interesting because that's how I use EQ too.
However, I do need to put it on my new computer.
I love the idea of stack'n'whack blocks. I was doing them before Bethany published her method; mine was similar. It led to a fairly large group of quilts that were based on that theme.
Your blocks feature such interesting fabrics.

Chris H said...

I have no idea what EQ is! The blocks look cool.