Monday, September 22, 2014

Stepping along the path....

Someone likes polka dots! We had so much fun during Saturday's Cobblestone Path class, pairing up fabrics to make colorful blocks. This easy but fun block makes a very scrappy quilt. Laura has been cutting kits for quilts to work on during her upcoming vacation...she is going away to sew, sew, sew. This is one of the kits she is taking. We will all be looking forward to her return with many lovely finishes!
Kate is a beginner who contacted me a week or so ago about learning to quilt. She is an old friend that I hadn't seen in years, was in town for a month and wanted to get started. I told her about this quilt class coming up, and she was interested. So I met with her last Monday night to teach her the basics of quilting and using a rotary cutter. She chose these graphic prints and had them all precut before class as per instructed. She was getting a bit creative with her block construction by the end of class, feeling more confident about what she was doing. She is making a small lap quilt with the hope that we will get it finished before she goes home.
Dianne dug through her large collection of prints (she loves florals!) to come up with these colorful blocks. It's like a trip through the garden!
Jane and I have an affinity for batiks, so I enjoyed looking at her collection of strips made into blocks. She has some of the same ones I have collected over the years. She found one that was the same as I had used. She said on Sat. that she was going to make a throw, but I heard from her last night and she is addicted now! She had made up all that she had cut and was cutting more to make more blocks. Maybe a queen size after all!
My Cobblestone Path, soon to go to a new home.
I have Sampler clubs tonight and tomorrow night as well as a committee meeting for the CB Quilt Show tomorrow's getting closer! Oct. 11 is right around the corner, so if you live in our area, mark your calendars and plan on stopping in! We will be finalizing our plans and going to the hall to decide how we want to arrange the show at this meeting. I am doing a demo, so I need to work on my demo models sometime soon.

I have been asked to do the Around the World Blog Tour, so look for my post tomorrow.
Happy Monday!


Heather's Haven said...

those would be fun for a scrap quilt. i'm hoping to get a scrap quilt done this winter.

love the ideas


Rosa said...

Stunning.The last one is My fav!