Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Red and White Make It Challenge

Ruby Shadow, Make It Challenge
 At the beginning of the year, I noticed that SewCalGal was hosting a Year of Red and White Quilt Challenges. This intrigued me, as I like red but feel like I don't use it as much as other colors when making quilts. She has several parts to this challenge and I accepted the challenge to Design It! You were to design a quilt using reds and whites. You had to add the fabric requirements as there was a fabric prize from Island Batik. I played around with one basic design with a few variations for Ruby Red 1, Ruby Red 2 and Ruby Shadow.

The next phase of the challenge was to Make It! 

Click on this link to go to the linky party for the Make It Challenge

The Make It! Challenge is all about making your own red and white quilt!  You can use your own design, a purchased design, or a free pattern of your choice.  And, of course, make your quilt in any size, using fabrics from any fabric manufacturer. You may even have enough red/white fabrics (includes reds of any shades and whites/tans/creams commonly thought of as neutrals).  And you have until September 30th to enter.

 You are also entered in a drawing for great prizes every time you participate in the challenge. You have until Sept. 30, 2014 to enter the Make It Challenge. You still have time to make your own gorgeous red and white quilt.

I decided to make Ruby Shadow, though I really like the others and might make them at some point as well. I went to my favorite quilt shop, Cut Up and Quilt in Council Bluffs, IA to find just the right selection of reds. I needed four different shades/prints that would look good together, but still be red and not orange. I think that is harder to do with red than other colors. You can always find lighter and darker shades of blues, greens, purples...but what is a light shade of red? orange? pink? Is there a lighter shade of red? This might be partly why I don't find myself using red as much!
 There is a lot of white background, so I decided on a white solid instead of a tone on tone...I wanted it to be really white! So I started making it back in April on a retreat sewing day with friends. Then life caught up with me and I didn't work on it again until almost summer. I had to figure out what I had done and what still needed to be done. When I begin making a new design, I figure out what pieces I need to cut,  write down everything as I make a quilt, then write the pattern from those notes. So they are important. Skipping a few months in the process means going back and figuring out what I had already cut, sewed...you get the idea. I don't like to make new designs like this, but I guess I was so excited to see it coming to life, that I started it even though I knew I wouldn't be able to work on it much because of my work and teaching schedule.
I quilted it in June on my APQS EZQ...it's an industrial machine with a smaller throat (no stitch regulator either) than many of the newest models but it gets the job done.  I like to take lots of pictures as it comes off of the quilting machine. Since many of mine get hung on display for the classes I teach, it's easy to forget to take pictures of the finished quilt. I used the Drift panto by Keryn Emmerson. Here's the red print I used on the back.

The next phase of the challenge is Show It! in October. There will be a week to show off red and white quilts you designed and made this year and a week to show off the red and white quilts you made from a free or purchased pattern this year.

I will be teaching Ruby Shadow on Sat. Oct. 4 at Cut Up and Quilt. I'm glad I took this challenge as it's been fun and hopefully I will be encouraged to use red more often in future quilts. Thanks SewCalGal for the inspiration!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I needed shades of red for the Twist and Shout quilt (not started yet). It was hard to find 2 contrasting shades. I love red, but, I don't use it much either, partly because I can't seem to cut into my red stash.

Barb said...

What an awesome quilt

Chris H said...

I love it!!! I too don't use red much... hardly at all in fact. I think your red and white quilt is stunning, what a fabulous design Jean.

George Broadway said...

As always Jean, beautiful work.

Maggi said...

That is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting, and graphic, design!