Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I like it...tumbling along....

I was excited Sunday as I had time to get this Tumbler quilt loaded and quilted. I ordered a couple of new pantos recently and have been dying to try them. They both push the limits a bit on how wide I can quilt with my midarm. I have a range of about 9" when I start, but then as I quilt and the quilt rolls up in the throat space, that decreases my range. So I usually use pantos that are 5" - 6.5" so that I don't run out of room for my design. 
Starburst is 7.75" but I loved it and decided I had to get it. After all, not every quilt is a queen! I had made this 52" x 55" Tumbler but never got it quilted, so it was a great one to practice on. I used white thread, so it's hard to see the quilting, but this gives you an idea.
I was getting close to the end of my limited space by the end, so will make a note of it for future reference.
I had pieced the backing last week, so it was ready to go! I will try to get some better pictures after I finish the binding.
pieced backing
This is my binding fabric, another leftover fabric from another project. I worked on getting the binding sewn on last night before class, but didn't get it quite finished. I have a class again tonight, so hopefully I will finish it. (When I have a night class I usually go straight to the shop after work, as there isn't much point in going home. So I have about an hour of sewing time if I take something along to work on.) I like sewing bindings on there as I can push a couple of tables together to help with the weight of the quilt and keep it off the floor.


Susan said...

I love tumbler quilts...this one has great colors too! Very nice!

Heather's Haven said...

such bright happy colors, and the quilting is awesome.


Chris H said...

That is an awesome Panto... and quilt. You know I love brights eh? *smiles*

Maggi said...

Looks very impressive and I love that binding fabric.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

That binding fabric would make a great backing fabric.