Monday, January 26, 2015

Lone Star diamonds

Lots of hard work went into getting these pieced diamonds to this point Saturday, but most of it was basic cutting strips and sewing them together. I had given the students the cutting directions for the Lone Star itself so they could have a head start on Sat. Most of them had wasn't sure which order she wanted her fabrics in, so she cut as she went. It was so much fun when they started cutting their strips and putting together their first pieced diamonds.
You can see the progression of color in this set. She wasn't sure about the stripes, but I think they will look great.
Pressed strip sets on the design wall. You can see that you stagger the strips to get the most out of them since you cut them at a 45 degree angle to make the diamonds.

I am offering an extra 3 hour class next Sat. so that they can get more help on the set-in corners and triangles if they want, or just use it as a work day to get more finished. I hope this motivates them to work on getting the diamonds finished before next Sat. I explained how to sew the diamonds together as well as the set-in corners, but it's impossible to get that far in one class. Hence, the extra work day.
I really want to finish my working model, but I've scheduled another class for March, so I can't finish it until after that. I still haven't picked out a background fabric either so that needs to be done too.

I did dig through my fabrics and found a couple more black/gray fabrics, and purchased a few to go with for the Honeycomb Waffle, Too working model. I can't stop making blocks for that. It will probably be bigger than the class model at the rate I'm going. I hoped to get them cut and sewn yesterday, but I worked on writing patterns all day, with a swim break in the middle. Sunday swimming is addictive.

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Maggi said...

So lovely. It is such an impressive design.