Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love a good finish and a new start!

Cindy's Fly Away Home Sampler
 Cindy finished her Fly Away Home Sampler and brought it to the first class of the Highlights sampler to show it off. This sampler has a labor intensive border that is really pretty when finished, but lots of half square triangles in the process.

We had fun checking out everyone's fabric selections for Highlights and they all got their Dutchman's Puzzle block finished. They used the no waste method for some great results! 

They also started work on the Odd Man Out block, and we had one finish...the rest got a good start on it. Many of the quilters like this format for making a quilt as they can try some different blocks and techniques and work on it over the 6 month period, but have time to work on other projects as well. Plus the group sewing together feels like an old fashioned sewing bee at times.


 I realized the other day that my bi-annual retreat is next week! You know how you plan and look forward to something for a long time and then realize it's almost here! I had that kind of moment. Now I have to figure out what I will be working on. I have a few new ideas for quilts but haven't had time to work on them much lately, so guess I'd better find time or I will just be sitting there watching everyone else sew!


Terri said...

Thanks for sharing the blox. Fun to see what everyone is working on.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cindy did a great job. Love that border.

Karen said...

Fun class! Thanks for sharing. Lots of cool fabrics.

Maggi said...

Lovely blocks and the border on the quilt is definitely worth the effort.