Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ready for summer fun!

 I taught VeryShannon's Reversible Box Tote class yesterday to a group of excited sewers!

Looking around the room, there were many beautiful fabrics. You can tell a bit about each person by their fabric choices when they are making something personal like a bag. I tried to get them to line up chorus line style with their bags, but they refused! Shocking! But we did line up the bags.
Janet and Rachel
 They were all happy to have gotten them finished in the 4 hour class. I was happy too. I thought they would, but you never know for sure how long it will take.
 Christine had machine trouble, so I got out a machine from the classroom so she could keep sewing. Machines aren't supposed to be temperamental in class, but it happens.
  I could see this tote being used for many, storing a project, swim bag, lunch could go on and on. Very versatile size and design.
Sharon F
 Dianne and her summery, flowery bag! See, ladies, how cute the pic would've been with all of you lined up?


Heather's Haven said...

what fun bags :)

Gisela Suski said...

Wow they came out wonderful and so many uses.

Rosa said...

Love them all.Gorgeous!

Janet said...

If only we were all as photogenic as Dianne.

Maggi said...

All very lovely and so personal. They did well to all get them finished in the time.

Chris H said...

OH what lovely bags! Of course, I love the bright ones the best.