Monday, May 11, 2015

Circle and Spin to the Moon

Saturday's Circle and Spin Plus class went very well. Every one had gorgeous fabrics and jumped right in to cut and sew their curvy blocks. I think that they found it wasn't as difficult as they thought it would be. The one thing that always seems to be hardest is to keep the seam allowances at 1/4". I think as they are concentrating so hard on sewing the curve, that the seam allowance is a second thought. They all got better after a couple of tries.
When you are finished sewing them together, they need to be squared up...the bottom two haven't been squared yet.
I'm excited to see these quilts finished!
I meet with the first group that is making the Highlights Sampler tonight. 

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Chris H said...

Sewing curves is my next challenge in class I hope. I have never even tried it!