Saturday, June 13, 2015

New project

The red and blue are this year's IA shop hop fabric, gray and white is 2014 IA fabric, still available at CUAQ, and the fireworks....I just liked them. They are not part of  the IA hop fabrics.
I have been enjoying my first few days off work. I sewed two days with friends and made it out to Cut Up and Quilt to pick up some of the new IA shop hop fabric. I have been working on a design for the past few weeks, so I was anxious to get started.

The IA hop fabric has a patriotic theme this year, because of the IA caucuses. I decided that I would make something smaller that could be used for a table topper or wall hanging since it would be a more seasonal project. Plus it's fun to make smaller projects occasionally...everything doesn't have to be bed sized, right? 
This project will be part of an upcoming online event soon...stay tuned.
Red Axel Blocks made!
I'm teaching the Honeycomb Waffle, Too class again today. It's a fun one to teach and I always get lots of pictures to share. We have a family wedding tonight, so I will be heading to my hometown right after class for that. I volunteered to make pasta salad for the wedding, so that kept me busy last night!
Have a great Saturday!


Maggi said...

I like the red Axel block. That's a lot of pasta salad!

Chris H said...

I love the block and OMGosh what a lot of pasta salad!